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Post your comments/titles/captions to this picture (both in Spanish and English) and vote for the ones you like. The best answer will be chosen tomorrow on the basis of the greatest number of votes as well as the language correctness.


Don't forget to correct your posts as suggested. Do NOT use subject pronouns!

Posts which are not corrected as suggested can NOT be "accepted".

Please give everyone a chance and only post one caption and no photos smile.


My example:

Mamá..... No estoy cansado de la sesión fotográfica.. Vamos a tomar más fotos

Mom... I'm not tired of the photo shoot.... Lets take more photos

alt text

  • Please correct my English and Spanish - Vaanz Sep 5, 2010 flag
  • Good one Vaanz , i feel sorry for the child though. - ray76 Sep 5, 2010 flag
  • poor child :(( - 00b6f46c Sep 5, 2010 flag
  • Looking at the photo, I believe the ads were photoshopped, so hopefully no harm was done to the baby! - rado Sep 5, 2010 flag
  • Ray, I agree, but there seems to be a lot of photo chopping here. Look at the right leg - JulianChivi Sep 5, 2010 flag

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Después de ganar el concurso "Bebé de El Año", el bebé Jugo recogió a muchos patrocinadores.

After winning the contest “Baby of The Year”, baby Jugo picked up many sponsors.

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It's hard work, but I need to save money for the university...

Es un trabajo duro, pero necesito ahorrar dinero para la universidad...

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Sólo los niños tienen una capacidad para mantener la sonrisa en su cara bajo todas las circunstancias...smile

Only the children have the capacity to keep the smile on their face under all circumstances...

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Estoy teniendo una pocita crisis de identidad y no puedo imaginar por qué.

I am having a little identity crisis and I can't imagine why.

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Some kids would do anything to be the centre of attention.

Algunos chicos harían cualquier cosa para ser el centro de la atención.

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I will get free meals and drinks after butting those marks on my body , right ?!

Voy a recibir comidas gratis y bebidas después de empalmar esas marcas en mi cuerpo, ¿no?!

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Descuiden! No tienen que preocuparse! Mi amigo Tigre Woods me dijo que mis patrones siempre me van a apoyar!

Don't worry! My friend Tigre Woods told me that my sponsors would always stand by me!

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¿Voy a lamentar este día?

Will I regret this one day ? rolleyes sick

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...and the age of ridiculous advertising is born.

...y la época de publicidad ridicula está nacido.

  • I think it'd be better to say "ha nacido" or "nació", better than "está nacido" ^^ - LoaEtayo Sep 5, 2010 flag
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Even when he was a baby, Bill Gates bore the stamp of genius.

Aun cuando era un bebé, Bill Gates llevada el sello del genio.

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Advertising need not cost an arm and a leg ....but we do like to get ahead of our competitors tongue wink

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"¡Me encanta ser capitalista!"

"I love being a capitalist!"

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¿Que? ¿Estos no son falsos? ¿Estos son tatuajes verdaderos? Oh-oh, Mamá me va a matar!

What? These are not fake? They are real tattoos? Oh-oh, Mom is going to kill me!

  • I wasnt' sure how to translate 'oh-oh' into Spanish....
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