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What are some other common responses when someone thanks you in español? I was specifically thinking of "anytime, my friend". Is this said? And how? There has to be more than just "de nada".

  • Posted Sep 4, 2010
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4 Answers

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There are other alternatives. All these are more formal than "de nada", which is used in all contexts:

No hay de qué

Con mucho gusto

Ha sido un placer

No las merece

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"No hay de qué", "cuando quieras, amigo", "no hay problema", "cuando se te ofrezca", "de qué", "no hombre, de qué", "por nada", "no es nada", "al contrario". So many ways...

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You'll hear por nada, as well.

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"No hay de qué" is along the lines of "think nothing of it".

Another option, if you want to indicate that it was a pleasure for you to do something for the person, would be "pues, por nada, me fue un placer."

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