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Here is what the translator says:

Copy all the words of text accents:

A little rough, but it provides the gist of the sentence:

Copy all of the words from the text that have punctuation marks.

I am surprised that it did not translate tildes as tildes (the mark above the ñ which is what a tilde is in English). In Spanish it is any accent mark, dieresis or other punctuation mark placed on a word.

  • I got dinged the other day by a native speaker that said an umlaut was not a tilde, but a dieresis. Apparently they differentiate between the dots and the other stuff, but not between the accent marks and the squiggly thing. - KevinB Sep 4, 2010
  • I am thinking about all of those other marks that other languages (German, Swedish, Russian) etc. on adopted foreign words. I think that they would be tildes. Would the consider an acute accent mark a tilde, but not an obtuse one? I don't think so. - 0074b507 Sep 4, 2010



(De tildar).

  1. amb. Virgulilla o rasgo que se pone sobre algunas abreviaturas, el que lleva la ñ, y cualquier otro signo que sirva para distinguir una letra de otra o denotar su acentuación. U. m. en f.

  2. amb. p. us. Tacha, nota denigrativa.

  3. f. Cosa mínima.

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  • Sep 4, 2010
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