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Someone said "buenos días" and the guy looked at him and said "malos días" which is awesome. It's like "what's good about it". What do you think? Gracias.

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Hi Jeezle, no, you cannot say that, we do say:

buenos días...¿qué tienen de buenos?

Buenos días. Eso será para ti!

But no, malos días is not said-

  • Very nice. I'm going to embroider those two on my pillow case. :-( - 0074b507 Sep 4, 2010 flag
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First of all, it's buenos dias. And, I've never heard anyone say it! Sounds pessamistic! But interesting. I don't see why you wouldn't be able to use that. It might just make you look like a gruñon... a grumpy person!

  • typo - jeezzle Sep 3, 2010 flag
  • I don' t know, I think it could be sort of funny. I'll try it out at work tomorrow, of course it'll be nighttime. - jeezzle Sep 3, 2010 flag
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Anyone say malos días? Gracias.

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