How do you say 'entree' in spanish? | SpanishDict Answers
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Is it just the same or is it spelt slightly differently?

  • Posted Sep 2, 2010
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5 Answers

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El plato principal is what I would say.

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Is it just the same or is it spelt slightly differently?

Neither, hehe. In Spanish we don't have that French suffix.

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The answer would depend on what "entrée" means to you:

entrée: from this site

  1. In America, the term "entrée" refers to the main course of a meal.
  2. In parts of Europe, it refers to the dish served between the fish and meat courses during formal dinners.
  3. In Australia, the entrée is the first course or appetizer.

As an American, I found it odd to have the appetizers on the English version of the menu in Mexico referred to as entrées, but the place I go to does not use the US definition.

so: 1. entrada (f) primer plato (m) (first course) (británico) 2. plato (m) principal (main course) (Estados Unidos)

I suspect, being from New Zealand, version 1 would be your choice.

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El tapas is the equivalent of an entree

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In my neck of the woods, plato fuerte is the 'main dish', you could also say plato de fondo. The 'appetizer' is el plato de entrada or just entrada.

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