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I am taking the Rosetta course in Spanish and came across the phrase "Encantado de comocerlo", also "Encantado de conicerte".

Are there other ways to say "glad to meet you"?

  • Posted Sep 2, 2010
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  • conocerte. encantada if you are female. - 0074b507 Sep 2, 2010 flag
  • Bienvenido al foro. Welcome to the forum. - 0074b507 Sep 2, 2010 flag

3 Answers

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"Encantado de conocerlo" is formal.

"Encantado de conocerte" is informal.

You can also say, "Mucho gusto," "Encantado," "Es un placer," and many others.

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Mucho gusto. Con mucho gusto.

Un placer. Es un placer. (encontrarlo)

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Mucho gusto sounds nice to me grin I think its convincing too... I like encantado too... Wow! Nice word grin

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