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¡ Qué cosas ! is a spanish idomatic expression. Anyone know a good translation? - George

  • Posted Sep 1, 2010
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I don't know whether it is used differently in other countries, but in Spain it does not mean "What the..." or anything similar. It has different translations depending on the context and the tone, but it expresses strangeness, surprise, amazement. It is often a short for "¡Qué cosas pasan!". I'd say is more like "That's curious!", "That's quite something!"...

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I have heard and used it similarly to "How about that..."

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I was going to say that´s weird or that´s strange.


I have just looked at our dictionary and it says, qué cosa! -> how strange!

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What the heck! What the devil!

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What the .......... ?!

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