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I didn't want to hijack the other thread discussing the meaning of "sueñas conmigo", but it stirred up another question for me. There has to be another way to say "dream with me". In Geo Da Silva's song "Come and Dream with Me" for example ....

Come and fly with me, feel the energy,

Come and dance with me, let your soul be free,

Come and dream with me in a fantasy

Come on and jump with me, I'm your extasy.

The implication is come and fly, dance, dream and jump with me (not 'about' me), in other words, let's dream, dance and fly together. Would it make sense to say Ven y sueña conmigo en una fantasía or is this still saying "dream about me"

In just about every context I've used "conmigo" to say/imply "with me". If I were to translate the above lyrics, I'm assuming that I cannot use conmigo. If that is the case, what would I use?

Thanks for any clarifying thoughts smile

  • Posted Sep 1, 2010
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I'm interested in this answer, too, because the way to say "dream about / dream of" someone or something is definitely a combination of Soñar + Con.

It is very common in English to say something like "Come fly with me....Come dream with me...."

I wonder if, depending on the context, they are both said as "sueña conmigo?"

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I think there is a difference between "about me" and "with me",

About me = sobre mi, o, acerca de mi

With me = conmigo

so in the lyric you post, you have to use "conmigo" which denotes presence or if someone is beside you, in the case of "dream with me" you can say "sueña acerca de mi". it's like "sueña algo sobre mi".

Saludos wink

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Puedes decir, "Compartes el sueño conmigo," no?


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Well, I would use :

Sueño con un día libre. I dream about a free day.

Sueño con mi amor. I dream about my life.

Comparto tu sueño de un mundo mejor. I dream with you about a better world.

Sueño contigo de un mundo mejor. Also possible, let's wait for more answers.wink

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I wonder if, depending on the context, they are both said as "sueña conmigo?"

I was wondering the same thing. I don't want to say something that gives the listener the idea I'm dreaming "over them" (acerca de o sobre de), I'm thinking it almost has to be guided by context. I hope so smile

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Estuve soñando con ti = I was dreaming of you but Estuve pensando en ti = I was thinking of you.

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My friend from Costa Rica says "come, dream with me" would be "ven a soñar conmigo" and "dream about me" would be "sueñas conmigo".

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You could say, "Ven a compartir nuestros sueños."

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