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:DDo u know any christian artists that song in spanish?

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There's a band I like, Tierra Santa (Holy Land). Not all the music they play is Christian, they also play song about epic battles (as the Trojan horse) and wellknown stories (as Dracula).

Here there's a song be them. It was originally a poem about pirates, but those guitars make the lines look cooler cool smirk


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Hillsong does some songs in Spanish. Here is a link to one - En La Cruz (At The Cross) -

[link] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e44TFbxInuA

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I like the Christian music of Jesus Adrian Romero. My favourite song by him is "Como La Brisa". I also have a CD called "Libre"by Kristy Motta that is pretty good. These are both Christian Spanish singers that sing Spanish Christian songs, not Christian English singers that sing some English songs in Spanish.

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Paul Wilbur www.wilburministries.com Julissa www.julissainolvidable.com grin

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I like Danny Berrios, Marcela Gandara, Lilly Goodman.

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Fernando Ortega is my favorite. He does some Spanish songs

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I wish I could give Loa 10 votes for that link! What a fantastic and unusual song, the lyrics are fun to translate (and I think there must be at least 10 nautical words in there...hint hint the 10 word game! wink )

  • Yes, once I had to work on that poem for class, and I certainly learnt about boats... ^.^ - LoaEtayo Sep 1, 2010 flag
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  • Jesús Adrián Romero
  • Marcos Witt
  • Marco Barrientos
  • Danilo Montero
  • Alex Campos
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Jesus Adrian Romero Marcos Witt Lillygoodman Rabito Marco barientos Hillsong Tercel cielo Samuel Hernandez

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I really like: Jesús Adrián Romero (& with his wife Pecos - Tu Has Sido Fiel), Cada día)

Marcela Gandara -Supe que me amabas y Dame tus ojos

Supe que me amabas solo

Marcos Vidal & Jesús Adrián Romero have a great duet duet

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by Evan Craft and Carley Redpath

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