jajaja means what in english? | SpanishDict Answers
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I said to a friend wish we could meet sometime, she response jajaja.

  • Posted Aug 27, 2010
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9 Answers

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Hello, and welcome to the forum. It means "hahaha." I don't really get your friend's response, but maybe you have a bit more context and the translation will make more sense to you. smile

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I hope she is German, and saying yes! yes! yes! Could get very interesting, nein?

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Yes, is the same that "hahaha" You can see also "jejeje" is the same

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Jajaja Means Hahaha.

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Welcome to the forum trock. Hmmm..some friend.

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it means no. jajajaja

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I've heard it means LOL, but I'm not sure. Although, we all know how much people say LOL even when they're not LOLing.

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Even if you said it wrong, I would never laugh. It sounds like she rejected you.

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Ja ja ja ja comes from the latin word "jabericus", which means "pillow."

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