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hey hello

  • Posted Aug 27, 2010
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Hi Kiki,

Welcome to the forum!

Please try to translate this yourself on the Spanish Dict translator. To get to the translator, you can click on "Translation" at the top of this page. After that, if you still aren't sure, you can edit your question and tell us what you think it is, and then we can tell you what we think!

Hope this helps!

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hey it´s an interjection, which are seldom translatable.

but we use ei! hola!

oh! hola!

ayy! hola

  • Isn't oye and oiga used to get someone's attention like hey? - BellaMargari Aug 27, 2010 flag
  • Yes it is. - kenwilliams Aug 27, 2010 flag
  • oiga in a formal way, oye in an informal - NeNuN Aug 28, 2010 flag
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¡Hola, kiki and bienvenida al foro! Hi kiki and welcome to the forum. We have a dictionary right on the top bar. Try putting hey in and see what you get.link text Why not start your Spanish lessons by clicking on the top left bar where it says, "Learn Spanish"? We would love to have you here!

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Welcome to the forum. I use "oye!" when I want to say hey. Also ¡eh! hola!

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Hola would be a way to say hey or hello. smile

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¡Oye! (Familiar)

¡Oiga! (Formal)

This is saying "Hey!", not "Hello!". These words are to get the attention of someone.

If you want to say "hello", there are many greetings to choose from:

Hola - Hello

¿Qué pasa? ¿Qué tal? - What's up

¿Qué onda? - What's up (Used in Mexico)

I am sure you will be able to find a old thread with more greetings if you use the search bar.

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Check the translation here on Spanishdict.

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