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wasted blod ,que significa en un dibujo que la sangre arterial entra en el riñon, cual es la traduccion correcta?? gracias

  • Posted Aug 24, 2010
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The blood circulates through the kidneys so that they remove (in the nephrons) the waste products of nitrogen metabolism. In this respect, before this filtering or cleansing process the blood may be deemed to be ´contaminated´or ´polluted´ Neither is really a very good description of the state of the blood. The verb viciarse means to become contaminated or polluted hence viciado the adjective. -What the author is saying in the Van Swieten article is that it is advisable to drink more fluids to dilute the pollutants in the blood that enters the kidney.This ensures that the nephrons perform the filtering process more effectively on a more dilute suspension. This is very good and common advice to all. If this is needed to be written in spanish, do please inform me and I will take a little more time so that the ´technical´phrases are correct

  • I just mentioned van Swieten to give the phrase a context. I doubt the drawing has anything to do with him :-O - mediterrunio Aug 24, 2010 flag
  • I´ve not seen the drawing but the article is well connected to the whole context of the original question. A good reference - MaureenPeter Aug 24, 2010 flag
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sangre viciada = ¨Van Swieten y Mr. Piorry han prescrito las bebidas abundantes para diluir la sangre viciada.¨

sangre con impurezas

sangre sin filtrar

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