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Inicio de Tramite en Extranjeria

Google gives: Top of Formalities in Foreign

which makes little sense.

  • Posted Aug 23, 2010
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I would guess that it concerns the initial paperwork or steps in Immigration/Emmigration procedures.

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This phrase is incomplete and lacks context, so who knows? But what comes to mind is "El inicio de los tramites en el extranjero" which would be "The beginning of transactions (usually legal) in a foreign country.

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It's the beginning of the paperwork in the foreign office, "en Extranjeria" means that you have to do it in the foreign office.

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Its a form a client completed. At top of form it states; Ministerio de Gobierno (Ministry of Government) Direccion General de Recaudaciones (General Directorate of Revenues)

Then : Inicio de Tramite en Extranjeria (in bold) and then it has places for date, name, age, etc.

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Initial steps in Immigration procedures.

i would go with this, I am understanding that this person has filed for being accepted as a US citizen.

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With more context, it means "The beginning of the transactions of a foreigner living in the country" and from your further information, I would guess taxes or immigration fees or both.

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Thanks all.

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