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There is a very nice community in Southern California (San Diego area) called La Jolla. It is not in the translator tool here, the dictionary, or my paper (gasp!) dictionary.

Any clues as to what it means?

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  • Posted Aug 19, 2010
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From Wikapedia:

Origin of the name Local Native Americans, the Kumeyaay, called this location mat kulaaxuuy [mat kəlaːxuːj], 'land of holes' (mat = 'land').[22] What sort of topographic feature the description "holes" refers to is uncertain, but it may be the sea-level caves on the north facing bluffs which are visible from La Jolla Shores. This was apparently corrupted by the Spanish occupiers to "La Jolla". An alternate suggested origin is that the name is a corruption of the Spanish La Joya, meaning "the jewel". Although disputed by scholars, this origin of the name is widely cited in popular culture, and has given rise to the nickname "Jewel City."[23][24][25][26]

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  • thank you echo! Perhaps these are the "holes" you referred to. I added the pic. - amykay Aug 19, 2010 flag
  • Interesting that hoyo, the word for hole or pit or concavity, also has a similar sound. Obviously I realize that the h is silent. Still I wonder if there could be a connection. - sagiia Aug 19, 2010 flag
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