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what is a slang word for pig...my daughter pronounced a word wrongly and was told it was the word for a pig...something like "porque"

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maybe she said puerco, which means pig (the animal), but also a brutish person.

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If fyyzyy is right about his guess -and he probably is-, "puerco" sounds somewhat similar to "porque", but it is not a slang: it means pig, and the Latin term for pig from where the English word pork comes from. Used with people, it is a colloquial way of calling someone mean, filthy, nasty, swine, rotten,...

In other words, instead of "because" (porque), she was saying "pork" (puerco.)

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Hi Dads, why don't you try typing 'pig' into the translation tab and see what you get. I think you will be able to find the word you are looking for. Welcome to SpanishDict!

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To add to the others, "porky", is a rude term for fat or overweight. Portly, is another slightly less rude one.

  • You would prefer, perhaps, "in fair round belly with good capon lined"? - samdie Aug 19, 2010 flag
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:D They mean Porky Pig, from Warner brothers :D

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Welcome for Site Pictures, Images and Photos Sudar como un cerdo. To sweat like a pig.(swine) I am guessing here because the phrasebook says pollo which would mean chicken, lol

(the funny thing is pigs do not sweat. They have no sweat glands!)

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Another slang word for pig - although I know it doesn't sound like "porque" is cochino.

my wife is always telling me "¡No seas cochino!" which I think is something along the lines of the english "chauvinist pig".

  • Neither puerco nor cochino are slangs for pig. They are NORMAL synonyms for pig. - lazarus1907 Aug 19, 2010 flag
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Although Cochino can mean the animal at his time of slaughter, it is mostly used to mean Marrano, which also means Cerdo. Petersenkids wife is saying, "¡No seas grosero / sucio!"

But for yum, yum, it's Carne de puerco.

And of course Lazarus is correct as usual. None of these words are slang.

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