How do you use the verb "gustar" with personal pronouns? For example how do you say "I like YOU". or "I don't like YOU". or " Do you like Me?" or "You don't like ME any more?"?

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I am not sure that gustar is the proper verb for like when discussing your feelings towards other people.

Me cae bien/mal. No me cae bien... or similar phrases may be a better choice for expressing the concept.


Me gustas tú. (you are pleasing to me...I like you.)

No me gustas tú. (you are not pleasing to me...I don't like you)

if you are just looking for a basic format.

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Personal pronouns (yo, tú, él, ella, etc) would be unnecessary here. If you were dead set on using the verb gustar, I suppose you might say something like the following:

I like you → me gustas [more literally: you are (physically) pleasing to me]

Do you like me → ¿Te gusto? [more literally: Am I (physically) pleasing to you?]

You don't like me anymore? → ¿Ya no te gusto?

You might want to take note of what Qfreed said above in that the verb gustar when used with people usually has a connotation of being attractive to someone (another way of thinking about this is to consider that the verb gustar implies that someone is or isn't to your taste, i.e. you are or aren't attracted to that person).

Here is a link that you might find helpful. Gustar verbs



I agree with Q. But here in Mexico, in addition to saying "me caes bien", the opposite, for some goofy reason, is "me caes gordo".

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