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I saw this in reference to a person in emotional distress seeking help from the first person he/she meets: "un clavo saca otro clavo." Is this a form of "misery loves company"?

  • Posted Aug 16, 2010
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  • I know this has been a long time, but hey, often times we play the waiting game - venezolana Jun 16, 2011 flag
  • so, it signifies that to make something pass you fill it with something else. In this case, finding another love to forget one you loved. It does work! lol. Also , it is a by far a positive statement as opposed to the negative statement you were thinking - venezolana Jun 16, 2011 flag

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some other suggestions

the romantic context

A more general explanation:

Se usa cuando algo nuevo quitará de en medio lo viejo, para que se olvide del problema que tuvo.

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We are saying : let us heal the dog's bite with his fur (hair)

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the literal meaning is one nail drives out the other. as in, if you break up with a guy a new guy will help you get over the first guy

  • Can I break up with my girl first please ! - ray76 Oct 31, 2011 flag
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Or to put another way - "One door opens another one slams shut in your face."

Or vicky vercky.

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The translation one nail drives out another but its basically what a woman says after a relationship ends in english it will be like saying "the best way to get over a man is to get under one"

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You are all wrong on what it means "un clavo saca a otro clavo". In Spanish Clavo is usually used as slang for problem or trouble. The saying it's most commonly used as "no saques un clavo con otro clavo" For example someone is paying one credit card with another credit card. This person is not really getting out of debt, so the clavo remains and sometimes can be worse in the long run. So in the case of love clavo means that the person considers she or he was in love with was trouble and her getting involved with another person still being in love with the previous one is just another clavo (rebound). So its not really going to work just more trouble. Hope this helps!

  • Actually, you are mistaken. "Un clavo saca a otro clavo" is mostly used to represent a person getting over someone. While you are correct about "clavo" being used as representation for problems or troubles, in this case it is used to represent a person. - 90rick Jun 2, 2017 flag
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Juan Crisóstomo Ruiz de Nervo better known as Amado Nervo wrote: "Una pena quita otra pena un dolor otro dolor un clavo saca otro clavo y un amor quita otro amor"

That is the origen and this poem explains itself.

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