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how do you say "good night baby" in spanish

  • Posted Aug 16, 2010
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4 Answers

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Buenas noches bebé. Welcome to the forum

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Hello, and welcome to the forum. smile I can see that one of our members has given you a translation before I could post this hmmm, but I thought I'd add it now, anyway, just so you're aware of our policy:

We're glad you found us. This is a learning site and not a free translation service, though, so while we are happy to help you, we ask that you give the translation a try yourself. Then we'll provide corrections and suggestions for improvement. If you need help, use the dictionary at the top of the page or the free translators on the main page. When you finish, just post your attempt here or edit your question to include it. Thanks.

I checked in the dictionary and all the words are in there, you shouldn't have any trouble.

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Use more: "Buenas noches nene/a."

Because with "bebé" sound impersonal and not enough affectionate. Sometimes use "bebecito" or "buenas noches al nene ( a la nena)" ( if is a little boy )

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This could be a regional (or even personal) thing, but I'd never say say to my own baby "Buenas noches, bebé." While I say "bebé" to refer to my baby when talking to other people, I don't use it when talking to my baby. It's a bit like "grandfather": if you talk to other people, you say that your grandfather this or that, but you don't tell your grandpa: "Good night, grandfather." To me, "Buenas noches, bebé" sounds the same.

What I (personally) say:

Buenas noches, mi vida.

Buenas noches, tesoro.

Buenas noches, (normally, with -ito or -ita at the end)

  • I thought that baby should be written beibe (loved one ) that was how Julian Chiv had siad it should be spelt not bebe as in baby (child) - FELIZ77 Aug 16, 2010 flag
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