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How do you say im mad in Spanish ????

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Hola y bienvenida,

This is a leaning site, not a translations service. Give it a try using the translation tool (at the top), post it, and we will help you with the rest.

Good luck.

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  • I will try, but it is hard when people who have been here for a while and know the rules keep providing answers for things that should be easy to figure out, or at least to make an attempt at it. - LuisaGomezBa Aug 15, 2010 flag
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Estoy enojado. (Man)

Estoy enojada. (Woman)

Just so you know for next time, we do have a translation tool here on the site. smile

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I didn't realize that' I am mad 'was such a good igreeting /ntroduction


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Estoy loco means I am mad as in crazy type of madness but if you are mad as in a blazing temper you would say: estoy enojado/a.

  • That is true and soy loco = I am a mad person part of my character - FELIZ77 Aug 15, 2010 flag
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Hola Rhondaidoxle and welcome to the SpanishDict forum.

Besides "estoy enojado" (or estoy enojada if you are a girl) you might also come across the expression "estoy enfadado/enfadada which I believe is used more often in Spain.

You might also find this flashcard set helpful: If you get angry

Also, aside from trying out the machine translator or the dictionary, if you were to try doing a search of previous threads using the keyword "angry" or "mad" you should be able to come across at least a couple that deal with the subject you are interested in. Here are a couple of examples:

enfadado or enojado

to be mad

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Hi Rhonda, Welcome to The Spanish Dict forum. Para Lee's 1st video is excellent and answers just that question. Click on Learn Spanish (top left). and then click on Learn Spanish l, then click on her video 1.1 Greetings and Introductions. She explains that and more.

Check it out

  • I didn't realize that' I am mad 'was such a good igreeting /ntroduction lol hahaha - FELIZ77 Aug 15, 2010 flag
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