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Buenos días todos.

I enjoy reading through the responses on these A-Z games. They are really good vocabulary builders.

Right now I am struggling with pronunciation in regards to where to place the stress. So, I'm selfishly looking to the forum to help me identify 'esdrújulas'

An esdrújula is a word whose accent falls on the third to last syllable. These always have a tilde. For example:rápido, pájaro, esdrújula.

You all know the rules of these games:

Follow in alphabetical order Please include the English translation for each word. . Don't forget to click on NEWEST to see the last letter.***

I'll start with the letter 'A': América - America

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  • it is nice that there are so many a-z threads. at first i thought it was too much, but now everyone can choose the sort of vocabulary he wants. - swing Aug 15, 2010 flag
  • "Interesting" - JulianChivi Aug 15, 2010 flag
  • "Through" I say, "Through!" There is no "thru!" :) - MacFadden Aug 16, 2010 flag

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  • I just came across this word for the first time today in a news article in La Opinión. So wierd how that happens. - ocbizlaw Aug 20, 2010 flag
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óptimo-- the best.

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Gastrónomo/ma: (male/female noun): Persona a la que le gusta la buena comida

A gourmand.

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hidráulica hydraulic

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ilícito - illicit, unlawful

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kilométrico - kilometrical

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número = number

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Doctor, doctor soy asmático. ¿Está grave? No, es esdrújula. Asmático = Asthmatic.

  • Brilliant, we'll give you an inhaler at once. - annierats May 4, 2012 flag
  • Except it sh ould start with 'o', I see.. - annierats May 4, 2012 flag
  • Sorry I know it should have started with 'o' but I had to get that joke in. - kenwilliams May 4, 2012 flag
  • Jajaja. Bueno, sólo deberías decir "¿Es grave? " para que sea perfecto. =) Estaba chistoso, de todas formas. - -cae- May 6, 2012 flag
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biónico - bionic

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hipócrita = hypocrite

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el júbilo----jubilation, joy

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luciérnaga = glow worm

  • la luciérnaga (firefly) es el insecto oficial del estado de Pennsylvania - lkelly Aug 16, 2010 flag
  • They are magical! - JoyceM Aug 17, 2010 flag
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macarrónico -- noodle, or having to do with noodles or macarroni

  • I had to dig out my unabridge dictionary for this one, though it gives a colloquial definition of chronic - lkelly Aug 16, 2010 flag
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