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How do you say "blue jay" (the bird that jabbers) in Spanish?

  • Posted Aug 9, 2010
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Hi liz, welcome to the Forum! I'll give you a litle tip - sometimes just by double clicking the words you can get a perfect translation just like that! With birds there is some variation depending on which country you are speaking about but it seems that arrendajo azul is accepted in Mexico.

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Welcome to SpanishDict lizaian! grin

Blue jay is a North American bird, so while there is a translation of it, perhaps it won't be commonly know in Spanish speaking countries.

Blue Jay = El arrendajo azul


I hope that helps! smile

  • You know it is prettier than the ones around here, and I was also surprised they called it a song bird. So interesting, I learn something every day!! THx,C. - margaretbl Aug 9, 2010 flag
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Besides what Chaparrito and Margaretbl have already suggested, I have also seen blue jays called "urraca azul" or "hurraca azul."

The word hurraca/urraca actually means magpie, but the two terms, "magpie" and "jay" are often used interchangeably. Both types of birds are members of the crow family and the lineages of these birds, especially the European varieties, are very much intertwined. This close kinship likely has much to do with the reason that the two words are sometimes confused (in both Spanish and English).

Interestingly enough however, the blue jays (of North America) are not actually closely related to either the European jays or the European magpies. Aside from the word "arrendajo" you will also sometimes see the word "gayo" used to describe "jays," but I have never seen it used to reference "blue jays."

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