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A to Z - Profesiones realmente raras o en visos de extinguirse

A little birdie passed on this idea to me which I hope you will enjoy. smile

The game is to follow alphabetically naming jobs that are now defunct or at least very rare. And mention the country where you can still find this job!! (unless they are totally extinct of course, lol)

Game rules :

Post your comments/titles/captions both in Spanish and English and vote for the ones you like.

Follow in alphabetical order

Don't forget to click on NEWEST to see the last letter.

It would be nice if also post a PICTURE of someone doing the job or if you can't find one then a picture at least of something that the job involves, eg a tool or a finished job etc.

NB: Be on the lookout for any job which doesn't fit the criteria - anyone who names such jobs (waiter, teacher, etc etc) will merit being sent straight to the dunce corner so watch out!

Don't forget to correct your posts as suggested. Do NOT use subject pronouns!

Posts which are not corrected as suggested can NOT be "accepted".

I (with a little help from a friend, lol) will start us off with:


Afilador - Knife Sharpener



alt text

  • great thread...I wonder who the bird was, hmmmm, this guy really exists, it is a real profession here in Spain - 00494d19 Aug 9, 2010 flag
  • I added: say the country where this job existed or where it exists - 00494d19 Aug 9, 2010 flag
  • And here!. But someone should tell him the bike goes the other way around. - ray76 Aug 9, 2010 flag
  • I know these guys as "el amolador". :-) - Gekkosan Aug 9, 2010 flag
  • As in molars used for grinding? Hmmm muy bien, and how handy it still starts with 'a' :) - Kiwi-Girl Aug 9, 2010 flag

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Torrero - lighthouse keeper

alt text

  • ¡No tenía ni idea de que así se llamaba esa profesión! - Gekkosan Aug 23, 2010 flag
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Soda tirón - Soda jerk.

alt text

Had to laugh, the definition started off: Soda jerk was a person etc,

They grew up to be bartenders, I suspect.

EDIT: Thank you Gekko. You really didn't have to tell everybody I screwed up.

Oh well, it looked official to me!

Soda tirón From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia De Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre Jump to: navigation , search Saltar a navegación , búsqueda

Soda jerk passing ice cream soda between two soda fountains in 1936. Soda hielo idiota que pasa crema soda entre dos fuentes de soda en 1936. A soda jerk (or soda jerker [ 1 ] ) was a person — typically a youth — who operated the soda fountain in a drugstore . [ 2 ] The term refers to the person who made an ice cream soda .

Una lata de refresco tirón (o soda Jerker [1] ) era una persona - normalmente un joven - que operaba la fuente de soda en una farmacia . [2] El término se refiere a la persona que hizo un refresco helado . This was made by putting flavored syrup into a specially designed tall glass, adding carbonated water and, finally, one or two scoops of ice cream . Esto fue a través de jarabe de sabor a una altura de vidrio especialmente diseñada, la adición de agua con gas y, por último, una o dos cucharadas de helado . The result was served with a long-handled spoon, most commonly known as a "soda spoon", and straws. El resultado fue servido con una larga cuchara de manipulados, más comúnmente conocida como una cuchara de refresco ", y sorbetes. The name soda jerk came from the jerking action the server would use on the soda fountain handle when adding the soda water, [ 3 ] and not the temperament of the server. La soda jerk nombre vino de la acción de tracción en el servidor que uso en la fuente de soda manejar al agregar el agua de soda, [3] y no el temperamento del servidor. ( cf. jerk ) ( cf. tirón )

  • "Soda tirón", unfortunately, does not work at all. The best I can think of is "operador de fuente de soda". - Gekkosan Aug 23, 2010 flag
  • Where did you find that text? Is really strange... Is it a Google Translation? - Gekkosan Aug 23, 2010 flag
  • And I said unfortunately, because I think it is a really good find. I expect there is a Spanish name of this character, but I can't find it anywhere. - Gekkosan Aug 23, 2010 flag
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Racker - The Netherlands (profession doesn't exist anymore, happily)

It's someone who used to do the 'dirty work' for the police. Also a 'racker' would help the executioner. The racker would especially assist with interrogations of suspects. What they would do is mainly torment the suspects. In The Netherlands if a person behaves badly, you can call them a 'rakker' which isn't cursing, but it isn't good either.

If this isn't a good history fact, I don't know what is haha! ;D

alt text

  • Adjusted some spelling, couldn't stop myself. - LateToDinner Aug 23, 2010 flag
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Portero - gatekeeper:

alt text

another one that's used to be a real job: Pan pesador - bread weigher: (The Netherlands)

government appointees, who had the task to check the weigh of the bread from the bakers. alt text

  • ... one that used to be... & ... check the weight of the ... - LateToDinner Aug 23, 2010 flag
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Político Honesto - Honest Politician

alt text

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Oráculo - Oracle

alt text

  • sn't that your job? It certainly is on the preterite vs imperfect thread lol :p - Kiwi-Girl Aug 19, 2010 flag
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nobleza = nobility

Few societies recognize a class of nobles.

Pocas sociedades reconocen una clase de nobles.

alt text

  • would you say it was a profession or something you were born into? - Kiwi-Girl Aug 18, 2010 flag
  • good question - but monarchs have the power to create new nobles, and they typically have some governmental or land management responsibility - so perhaps that could go either way. - revmaf Aug 18, 2010 flag
  • anyway it moves us on to "o" - revmaf Aug 18, 2010 flag
  • There was a time when nobility titles could be purchased. - Gekkosan Aug 18, 2010 flag
  • true, true, thanx guys :) - Kiwi-Girl Aug 18, 2010 flag
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monja = nun....getting rarer and rarer


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Mamporrero - horse breeding assistant.

I will most categorically not post a picture of this here - you can look it up if you still can't figure out what this is exactly - but it is definitely one weird profession whose practice I'd never confess! red face

  • No oía esa palabra hace 1000 años ;)... - LuisaGomezBa Aug 18, 2010 flag
  • Ah, ¡debes haber vivido en el campo! ¡Yo no la conocía hasta hace poco! - Gekkosan Aug 18, 2010 flag
  • Doesn't that involve sinking his arm in up to his elbow? - LateToDinner Aug 18, 2010 flag
  • No, viví en una ciudad, pero la equitación y los caballos son muy populares. Gente de mi familia tenía caballos de exposición. Son divinos. - LuisaGomezBa Aug 18, 2010 flag
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Since we sort of got stuck on "L" (I think Late cheated a wee bit by posting an English word wink ), here's another "L":

Limpiabotas - Shoe shiner. Ok, it's not that unusual a profession, but it is in decline.

alt text

  • Oh, yeah? Well there are more Limpiabotas running around than there are Faroleros ... - LateToDinner Aug 18, 2010 flag
  • Hey, I went back for a rule clarfication, and I didn't see that, I did see there is a new rule (I know it wasn't there when we started)... - LateToDinner Aug 18, 2010 flag
  • and name the country where this no longer existing job still exists. Huh? - LateToDinner Aug 18, 2010 flag
  • oooh - it's on is it boys?? je je gloves on or off? :) - Kiwi-Girl Aug 18, 2010 flag
  • Yes Late, Heidita added that as that was part of her suggestion in the beginning and I forgot to add it in. And it does say English and Spanish so I reckon your lamplighter is fine lol, I took the same liberty with my housewife je je but don't tell Gekko - Kiwi-Girl Aug 18, 2010 flag
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alt text - Farolero

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Kaiser - Káiseralt text

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Justiciero - Avenger

alt text

  • lol, love the picture, voting :) - Kiwi-Girl Aug 18, 2010 flag
  • If you haven't seen "Nacho Libre", waste no time in going to the store to rent it! - Gekkosan Aug 18, 2010 flag
  • of course I've seen it - more than once lol - it's a crack up! - Kiwi-Girl Aug 18, 2010 flag
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Ingeniero de máquina de vapor

Steam Engine Engineer

  • But I Love Steam Trains! Please don't take all of the engineers! - LateToDinner Aug 16, 2010 flag
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Herrero Tradicional - Traditional Blacksmith

alt text

  • ok show off - I should have know you would find one! Bien hecho :) - Kiwi-Girl Aug 13, 2010 flag
  • Still got ém here, and they make house calls! - LateToDinner Aug 16, 2010 flag
  • Oh, they're not extinct, by any means. But it is definitely a rare profession nowadays, and declining. - Gekkosan Aug 16, 2010 flag
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