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How do you say 22 cents in spanish?

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Cent is centavo.

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It's veintidós centavos.

And a nifty way to find out, for future reference, is to click on the 'translation' tab above and type in 'twenty two cents'.

Then click 'English to Spanish' and voila you get: 'veintidós centavos'.

And not only that but in this instance atleast if you look carefully in the answer box you will get an audio file which shows you how to pronounce it!

¡Que chevere no! smile

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Hi badchick35 , It's going to be :veintidós centavos. smile

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viente dos centavos

  • it's ''veinti'' not ''viente'' welcome to the forum :) - 00b6f46c Aug 8, 2010 flag
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22 grin

  • This is also correct, they use 22 just like we do. - jeezzle Aug 9, 2010 flag
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