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how do you day: Sweet

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Marie Claire es una chica (muy*) linda

Marie Claire is a (very*) sweet (lovely) person


Marie Claire es una persona agradable

= Marie Claire is a nice/sweet/pleasant person

Muy = very You can add this word for emphasis if you want

As you can probably see there is often more than one way to say the same thing in Spanish as with most langiages

I hope that this helps grin

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Tierno/a - Tender, affectionate

Agradable - Nice

Amable - Kind

Simpático/a - Nice, friendly

Dulce - Sweet (flavor), sweet, gentle, mild (person)

Genial - Sweet, cool, awesome

For more- Sweet in SpanishDict's dictionary

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Please can you provide some vital/necessary context

Do you mean sweet as in

1 Sweet to eat?

2 Sweet as in nice / kind person ?

3 Sweet as in cute/attractive?

As you can see sweet can mean so many different things so can you give us a sentence to show us how you want to use it so we can help you?

Thank you grin

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