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What does 'Encontrado corpo de Elisa Samudio.Veja reportagen completa' mean?

  • Posted Aug 6, 2010
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This looks like Portuguese I think It means found the body of Elisa Samudio See the complete report.

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'Encontrado corpo de Elisa Samudio.

This is Portuguese,(Probably Brazillian) it says:

= Found body of Elisa Samudio...reporting is complete/d . or

= Body found belonging to Elisa Samudio.reporting is complete/d . or ..**.

Veja reportagen completa =( that you may see ) You see reporting is complete

I hope that this helps grin

  • Good analytical work, except that it's not a spelling mistake. As Margaret points out, is a simple case of Portuguese mistaken for Spanish. :-) - Gekkosan Aug 6, 2010 flag
  • Gekko yes lol Iam so used to bad spelling and texts here that I had missed that it was Portuguese (Brazilian probably) - FELIZ77 Aug 6, 2010 flag
  • With My 501 Brazilain Verb book Portuguese Dictionary and basic knowledge of Portuguese I was able to offer a basic translation lol - FELIZ77 Aug 6, 2010 flag
  • I mean Brazilian verb book, Portuguese Dictionary etc... - FELIZ77 Aug 6, 2010 flag
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I was going to send you off to the spanishdict.com 'translation' , and 'dictionary uses with this phrase, however, your phrase does not compute. What did compute though, was -

Encontrado cuerpo de Elisa. Voy a reportar completa. If you are interested in seeing what 'that' translates to, do the work - go to the tranlation feature up above.

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This is portuguese (from my country, Brazil) and the meaning was already posted...

" Elisa Samudio's body found. See the entire news."

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Try out www.reverso.net
The web has a translation where you can pick from whatever language to English. Italian vs English / Portuguese vs English // I checked it on the Italian (didn't quite do it. ) Portuguese did give a good translation, but the word 'reportagen' came out the same (not translatable in this spelling/conjugation). / For the resulting sentence, go check it out. Happy hunting!! And thanks for the expedition. grin

  • Tthat's becasue the correct Porguese spelling is "reportagem", with M. Chalk another one against the electronic translators. - Gekkosan Aug 6, 2010 flag
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Elisa Samudio was a girlfriend of a very famous football (soccer) player in Brazil. "Encontrado corpo de Elisa Samudio" means "Elisa Samudio (dead) body found. "veja a reportagem completa" means "Read the complete newspaper article about"

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