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I am probably an "advanced beginner" in Spanish, and I recently decided to start working on my Spanish again on my path to become a fluent speaker. (Hopefully!) After a recent trip to Mexico, I noticed my 4 year old is picking it up a bit. I thought we could practice and learn Spanish together, watching TV, especially since she is at such a great age for it. My daughter doesn't seem that interested in Plaza Sesamo, which was easy to find on TV, but she enjoyed watching familiar dubbed TV shows in Mexico. I am in Los Angeles, so I know there must be TONS of shows airing here, I just don't know what they are.

Any tips would be great!

  • Posted Aug 4, 2010
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Check out the Planeta U block on Univision Saturday Mornings. They´re all American kids show dubbed in Spanish Out of all of those I like Inspector Gadget. I also like Super Libro, which airs on Azteca America Weekday and Saturday Morning but I am not sure that channel is widely availabiles Pocoyo is also cute The video are available on You Tube Just search Pocoyo español Univision is airing it now. However, I like the narrator from Spain better that Latin American one.

  • Sorry, I wouldn't recommend Planeta U at all if there is another choice. The intonation used in the Spanish dubs are just unnatural (it happens with almost everything dubbed nowadays). Disney movies do a better job at Spanish dubbing. - lespinal Oct 4, 2011 flag
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Hey , welcome to the forum... Well actually I don't know so much about the shows in Mexico.. But if you also like Argentine Spanish , give a try to Patito Feo. Even if I'm 18 sometimes I watch it grin well but the conjugation, and some words are different. But it has helped me a lot with talking casually... smile

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If you have any dvd's of their favourite shows, look on the menus for Spanish audio, or subtitles.

I find them quite good.

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Thanks! This is a great start! Because if my daughter is interested, it keeps my commitment up, as well...

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Scooby Doo is easy to find online in Spanish. It's pretty good, the voices are all good except for Scooby, who sounds tough and not like a scaredy cat. I also like "El chavo del ocho" which is a Mexican kids show. I'm not sure if it would hold the interest of a 4 year old though.

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Bumping this question because it's great.

Peppa Pig is the best thing ever for foreign language students but I don't know if it's been translated in to Spanish, it's really funny and cute and they point to things and say what they are and usually repeat the name of everything a few times throughout an episode.

One of my favourite kids shows is Fosters home for imaginary friends: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fr67jXJdQ-g - Mansión Foster para Amigos Imaginarios

But It's quite hard to understand compared with Peppa. They're both the type of shows adults can watch and enjoy. There's only so much Elmo I can take!

The website "neopets" is available through Spanish, there's a bunch of online games your kids could play. You'd have to make an account and do most of the stuff though. It's a complicated world! More for kids 8 - 98 :D

I'm looking on the cartoon network Spanish site to see if there are any videos of the shows:


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