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Hi everybody , Of course there are lots of people here are not native English or Spanish speakers ( like me grin ) so I wanted you to tell us why did you learn English and Spanish ?! just to share your experiences with us smileand if you have learned more then English and Spanish , why did you learned that language ? and which one do you think it's the hardest one ?


.For me so far I am learning 3 language : English - French - Spanish , I have been studying English for 2 years now and I have leaned English because I wasn't a good student in my English class when I was young red face( at school they teach you English but not real English just basics things ) and I have learned English also because I love listening to English songs that's where the idea came from , and about French I am an advanced french speaker now I just love learning it for fun , About Spanish the most important part I am learning Spanish because I am the biggest fan of Enrique Iglesias the singer he was the reason I learned English and now he is also the reason I am learning Spanish now !! tongue wink I think that between all those languages Arabic is the hardest one to learn after all Arabic is the hardest language in the world !!! grrr


My English is very bad shut eyeso Please correct any mistakes you find !


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  • Hi. These are the only corrections I'd make: "lots", "why you learned", "do you think is the hardest", "in my English class", and "mistakes". What is your first language? - MacFadden Aug 3, 2010 flag
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  • the most important 'reason why' I am learning Spanish. :) good question lovely Habibi! - galsally Aug 4, 2010 flag

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¿Por qué quiero aprender español? Para mí la historia empieza cuando estaba una chiquidita.

Tenía sólo cuatro años cuando ví un dibujo de una niña peculiar en mi libro para colorear. Hubo algo sobre de la niña que me susurraba de una memoria a mi alma. Le pregunté a mi madre ¿quién será? Y me explicó que era una mexicana y ella habla español. Desde aquel mismo día, siempre quería aprender a hablar español. Cuando estaba en el primer grado, me registré un libro español de la biblioteca para mí enseñarme. En el quinto grado, no comía el almuerzo durante cinco meses porque quería guardar el dinero con el fin de tomar una clase de español después de la escuela. En la secundaria estudiaba español durante tres años, pero el área donde me creaba no había nadie con quien podía platicar en español. Se puede ver que desde una edad muy temprana, he tenido una pasión por el español.

Hacía muchos años como un adulto que he vivido en un barrio hispano de Milwaukee. Muchos de mis vecinos y buenos amigos no hablan inglés. Así que les ayudo a aprender inglés y practico mi español con ellos. Muchas tardes mi mesa de la cocina está llena de niños que necesitan ayuda con sus tareas escolares pero sus padres no pueden ayudarles porque no saben inglés. El año pasado empecé a trabajar como profesora asistente en un salón de clase para niños que tienen tres y cuatro años. La mitad de los cuales sólo hablan español y la otra mitad inglés solamente. A menudo, mis vecinos y amigos me piden que les acompañe a sus citas con los maestros, abogados o médicos, etc., o traduce cartas o documentos importantes. Deseo ser provechoso, pero no me siento que no soy totalmente capaz de hacer estos sin quizás hacer algún error grave.
Por estas razones quiero alcanzar fluidez verdadera.

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*Why do I want to learn Spanish? For me this story begins when I was just a little girl.

I was only four years old, when I saw a picture of a peculiar girl in my coloring book. There was something about the little girl that whispered of a memory to my soul. I asked my mom who she was and she explained to me that she was a little girl from Mexico and that she spoke Spanish. Ever since that day I have always wanted to speak Spanish. When I was in first grade I checked a book out from the library to teach myself. When I was in fifth grade I did not eat lunch for five months because I wanted to save the money so I could take a Spanish class after school. In high school I studied Spanish for three years, but in the area where I grew up there was not anybody with whom I could talk in Spanish. So you can see that since a very early age I have had a passion for Spanish.
For many years as an adult I have lived in a hispanic neighborhood of Milwaukee. Many of my neighbors and good friends do not speak English. So I help them to learn English and practice my Spanish with them. Many afternoons my kitchen table is full of children who need help with their schoolwork but their parents cannot help them because they do not speak English. This past year I began working as an assistant teacher in a classroom for 3 and 4 year olds. Half of them only speak Spanish and the other half only speak English. Often my neighbors and friends ask me to accompany them to appointments with teachers, lawyers, or doctors, etc. or to translate important letters or documents. I want to be helpful, but I feel that I am not completely capable to do these things without perhaps making some serious error. For these reasons I want to obtain true fluency.*

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I speak English fluently as a native - at least in so much I was brought up in England and have lived here for most of my life. My parents are both native born English people and originally both come from the north of England: Northumberland. I am also learning to improve my French and gradually improving my Portuguese (Brazilian)

Naci en Lima, Peru y cuando supe que había nacido nací en Peru quería aprender la lengua de mi país de nacimiento. Comencé a aprender Español cuando tenía diez años con un camarero de Barcelona en mi escuela la secundaría. Después salir de mi escuela secundaría, empecé a aprender español otra vez con varios profesores de Español de España y America de Sur. Desafortunadamente, no podía continuar estas lecciones porque no tenía suficiente dinero o porque no tenía suficiente tiempo para estudiar oh oh

Sin embargo me gustaría aprender español de nuevo en SpanishDict.com grin donde puedo recibir ánimo y ayuda para mejorar mi español grin

Corregid mi español, por favor grin

  • ¡Feliz, muy interesante historia! Ojo con "cuando supe que había nacido"......"Comencé a aprender"...."la secudaria"...."salir de"...."empecé a aprender..." - JulianChivi Aug 4, 2010 flag
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Quiero aprender inglés para poder entenderme con todo el mundo, bien sean alemanes , franceses... se ha convertido en la lengua "oficial" del planeta tierra. El esperanto no ha remontado. La principal ventaja del inglés frente a los demás idiomas es el posicionamiento del idioma dentro de los grupos musicales de todo el mundo. Casi todos escuchamos canciones en inglés.

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I'm a student at college in England doing my A levels and I am currently studying French, German and maths. I have studied French since I was 11 (I'm 17 now hehe) and German since i was 13. In both these languages i have managed to become quite advanced and Languages are my lifeeeeeee!!! grin

The reason I started learning these languages is, I hate to say, because I had to; Learning at least 1 language was compulsory up to year 9 (13-14 years) in my school. Despite that, languages were and always have been my absolute favourite lessons and for that reason i excelled in them because i was willing to make the effort that is required to learn a language effectively. smile

Learning Spanish is kind of a hobby for me at the moment but not for long! grin Next year I would like to go to University (if i get a place) and study an ab initio Spanish course. My main reason for doing this is because of my amazing Mexican boyfriend but also i love the sound of the language (though i'll never be able to roll my rrrrrrrs haha) and the culture of Spanish-speaking countries.

There's also the possibility that along with French and German next year at college, i could study GCSE Italian . I went on a music tour with school recently to Italy and Italian is another language i'd really really like to know more about. smile

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  • I love to learn languages too. By taking just one year of French in high scool along with Spanish, I am now able to read - sagiia Aug 4, 2010 flag
  • (contd.) French and Italian and usnderstand some spoken. You are so fortunate to have had languages in the primary years. Here in most US schools, foreign language is not offered until high school. - sagiia Aug 4, 2010 flag
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I speak English natively

I sort of absorbed some Spanish from my mother when I was younger (she speaks very well), and I'm about to start my third year "officially" studying it, but I'm two years ahead of my grade level in Spanish.

I'm also teaching myself French! :D

I also want to learn Arabic

I'm doing all this because I want to be a Foreign Services Officer raspberry

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English has become a part of everyone's life here. We use the english words in day to day life. (My country was ruled by British Raj for around 200 years). In fact its our official language.

Also since we have seperate language for each and every state, English is an easy way of communication. smile

Apart from English and Tamil i can understand Hindi, Malayalam and Telugu.

Also i'm learning Finnish, since i may stay in Finland for around 6 months next year.

Regarding Spanish, I dont have any serious reason.... It all started as a hobby... Also I'm a huge fan of Shakira... Now i started liking Pedro Almodovar movies....

  • Have you watched the Shakira video on Lo Más TV? - sagiia Aug 4, 2010 flag
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I took Spanish and French in high school at the same time. I liked them both, but I did mix them up a lot. The teachers would remind me of what class I was in and I would be a little embarrassed. Now, that I have the time, I want to learn Spanish. It seems a little harder than it was all those years ago. But, there is just something about this language that makes me want to know it.

  • I study both Spanish and Ojibwe. Sometimes I will be talking with someone in Ojibwe on the phone and at the same time answer the door and it is someone who speaks Spanish. Then I really get confused. - sagiia Aug 4, 2010 flag
  • Also I am so used to switching to Spanish when I am having trouble communicating with someone that when I am talking to my neighbors who are Hmong, I automatically start speaking Spanish to them. Quickly I realize oops! that's not going to work. - sagiia Aug 4, 2010 flag
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I love learning new things that is the reason I am learning Spanish - French and I think that Spanish is much ore herder then French grin

  • Your Spanish teacher mest not be very good, because Frenc is actually way harder than Spanish. Think about it. All those unpronounced letters, complicated negatives, etc. What is so hard about spanish? It is spelled exactly how it sounds. - sagiia Aug 4, 2010 flag
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