My partner just began signing her messages to a male friend "con carino". Several people told me that it means With Love or With Affection.

She did not realize I had seen this and now insists it means "warmly" and is a common phrase to use with even a stranger or casual acquaintance.

Anyone have thoughts about that?

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Using "con cariño" to end written correspondence is very common and does not necessarily mean anything more than "warmly."

Cariño = Love, fondness, tenderness, affection, kindness, concern

If she really wants to keep things clear with her male friend, she can sign her letters and emails with "Saludos."

  • I'd say "impersonal", more than "clear". I agree with your assessment. Works the other way around, too. In English it i usual to start with Dear Mr so and so.... And in Spanish it sounds a bit too chummy, "Querido Sr..." - Gekkosan Aug 3, 2010


I am not a native Spanish speaker, but our son's babysitter is. She signs cards to our family with "con cariño," and explained to me that it is sort of like "with love," but not the romantic type — more like for a friend. Of course, she does not have romantic feelings toward our family, so it was my understanding that it is a pretty innocuous phrase.

  • Jan 8, 2014
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