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Create a sentence in Spanish (with the English translation) using a synonym or antonym for today's word ciego.

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No necesitamos un adivinado para escoger el camino correcto en la vida.

We don't need a seer to chose the right road through life.

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Hubo un choque porque el conductor delante no ví el coche atrás que estaba en su ángulo muerto.

There was an accident because the driver in front didn't see the car behind that was in his blind spot.

  • "... el conductor de adelante no vió el coche de atrás...." We use "punto ciego" for blind spot. - 00e657d4 Aug 3, 2010 flag
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Antónimo = eyesight, vista

Espero que me tener buena vista para el resto de mi vida.

I hope that I have good eyesight for the rest of my life.

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Conducir ciego es un problema importante en Nuevo Mexico. Drunk driving is a major problem in New Mexico.

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Antónimo = vidente

Someone who is clairvoyant can see the future.

Una vidente puede ver el futuro.

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Me puse ciego a mariscos. I stuffed myself with seafood.

This would appear to use the verb 'cegar' to mean 'to block up'

I would appreciate any comments about this phrase as it is one I have never used.

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sinónimo: invidente

No somos invidentes sólo cuando no podemos ver, sino también cuando rechazamos ver.

We are not blind only when we can not see, but also when we refuse to see.

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a vezes los ojos no son ciegos pero el corazón . sometimes the eyes are not blind but the heart.

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