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I put the phrase " I wish that I could see you again" into translator, and got " deseo que pudiera verte" this looks correct, but I'm not sure.

  • Posted Aug 2, 2010
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3 Answers

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I would also use "Desearía verte otra vez" or "Desearía volver a verte" or "Desearía verte una vez más".

As for the translation of your phrase, it looks all right to me, but we´d better wait for someone else´s confirmation, too.

  • Thanks for your imput. The main thing about my translation was the subjective part, since I've hear that there must be a subject change but I've also seen it used in sentences such as this. Muchos gracias! - Kylew Aug 2, 2010 flag
  • you're correct. Since there is no subject change using the infinitive is more correct. - 0074b507 Aug 2, 2010 flag
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Also you can go like

"Ojalá te volviese/volviera a ver (otra vez/ de nuevo)"


"Ojalá te pudiese/pudiera volver a ver (otra vez/ de nuevo)"

or simply

"Ojalá te pudiera/pudiese ver de nuevo".

Maybe more complicated due to subjunctive but a desire is expressed and I think is well needed.

Hope it helps (:

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Espero que pueda verte otra vez.

  • I have given you a vote, but "espero" translates better as "I hope" ;-) - maria_k Aug 2, 2010 flag
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