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Hey guys,

I was wondering if you have ever watched any of your favorite TV shows in spanish, I personally find it very useful. For example, I watch friends in english and then I try to watch it in spanish. I find it useful since I believe that their conversation is very general. I won't watch something like HOUSE in spanish (even though I love that show) because it is very specific (like encephalitis!). What other TV shows would you recommend?


  • Posted Jul 26, 2010
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6 Answers

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Los Simpsons

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I'm really embarrassed to admit this, but I really like watching Glee in Spanish red face. It's very easy to follow and the dubbing isn't awful, and the songs in English give my brain a break smile, and usually the songs are subtitled in Spanish so I can read what's being sung.

Edit: Friends is also reasonable to watch, athough not quite as easy to follow as Glee smile.

  • I too like Glee....... - Vaanz Jul 27, 2010 flag
  • Where/how do you watch it? I would love to watch both in Spanish! - natalieb137 Feb 8, 2011 flag
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Star Trek - The Next Generation.

I know the episodes well, so I can follow the dialogue better.

I also use the subtitles for similar help.

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I don't watch a lot of shows in Spanish, but I am more of a movie person. You can watch any Disney movie in Spanish on youtube, and since I know Disney really well, it helps me a lot. Sometimes, they have two versions: the Spaniard version, and the Latino version, which is also kind of cool because you can pick which one you want to listen to. I don't recommend "La Sirenita," though, because for some reason, Sebastian has a terrifying voice.

  • Didn't know this... I am gonna go and check this out right now. Thanks - kerflop Jul 27, 2010 flag
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I have looked and LOOKED, and cannot find the sitcom "Friends" dubbed in Spanish. Where can you find a decent version? (Latin American, preferrably).

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It's easy to find it you look, I just found all ten seasons of friends in Spanish. (there's a grey line of legality that I don't want to cross though so it's better to look yourself, remember "serie" is show (series). Remember to search in Spanish. My favorite is Big Bang Theory.

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