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I have recently been called this word "feito". Someone told me it means ugly but I am not so sure that is true. If anyone knows your answer would be appreciated. Thanks.

A fluent spanish speaker did spell this word but would not tell me what it meant.

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It is a diminutive of the word "feo", which means "ugly". It's not very nice, but it's not that insulting either -I would say-, as the use of the diminutive always "weakens" the meaning of any word.

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It really depends on which Latin culture you come from . For many Caribbean Latinos, my Cuban family for example, anything "ito/ita" is a term of endearment. Additionally it is common in Caribbean Spanish to ironically refer to someone as the opposite. for example someone a bit overweight called "flacita/flacito" or someone a bit ackward as "extrañita" etc. It really depends on the context. Additionally, it's a cultural distinction how we relate with obvious personal flaws in common speech. In the general English speaking world, it seems a bit rude to point out peoples flaws, whereas in many Latin cultures its a bit more lighthearted and playful.


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feito = homely

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Eres feote...now that's an insult. you are really ugly. Or, Wow! you are some kind of ugly! or You are uglyyyyyy.

eres feito...you are a litle bit on the ugly side.....this is almost a kiss. ho,ho,ho as we say up north.

Seriously, One (if one is so inclined) would say," eres feote " with malice in ones hearth.

There is s no malice in one hearth when saying "feito" but one is always taking the risk that the person or pet that one is talking with might be offended- I would not use either one " feito" or" feote".

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Perhaps (and i am not entirely sure) you have misheard the word, because in Spanish the word for 'ugly' is 'feo'. In any case, that's not a very nice thing for someone to say.

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"a little ugly"

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