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how do you make a sentence negative in spanish?

  • Posted Jul 21, 2010
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Usually you just place the word 'no' before the verb. For a more detailed explanation click on the link below. Hope this helps.

forming negative sentences in spanish

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Usually a double negative is used such as, "No, no quiero ir al cine." In English the double negative cancels out but in Spanish it adds emphasis.

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Welcome to the forum tttylersamon,
If you are asking how to say words such as: nunca (never), No (no), etc then you need to place the word, normally, at the beginning of the sentence such as: No tengo dinero. (I don't have money) or Nunca compró un gato. (I never bought a cat). This question is a little unclear because there are so many ways to make a sentence negative. The more information we have the better. I would definitely suggest going through the lessons here on SpanishDict (SD) and do some research for what you want. Post an answer (or an attempt) and let the gurus help. I hope this helps. smile

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delete-already answered

Usually you put the word "no" before the verb.

Vete. (Leave, get out)

No te vayas. (Don't leave).

It can become more complicated with Spanish's use of the "negative" words along with Spanish's use of the double negative.

Alguien peude hacerlo.

Nadie puede hacerlo.

No puede nadie hacerlo.

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