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I am trying to let things in life not get to me so i am learning to let things go. By saying "Let it Go" -- It has happened, it's over, can't change it so just "Let it Go" How do you say that in spanish? Let It Go

  • Posted Jul 20, 2010
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I suppose you could use forget it, "olvídalo", but I personally haven´t heard of a direct translation for "let it go". Is there one out there?

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How about dejarlo dejarlo en paz.

  • This is exactly how the Mexicans say it. "déjalo en paz". - petersenkid2 Jul 20, 2010 flag
  • Don't forget to conjugate like the comment above! - CyberEd Mar 26, 2014 flag
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Here's a few options:

déjalo estar = leave it be = let it be

déjalo así = leave it as is

déjalo = leave it = let it

Let it go = suéltalo; olvídalo

dejalo tal como está,


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Yes I just found déjalo. Great question. I didn´t realise how many different situations there were where we use the word "let".

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Dejémoslo o vamos a dejarlo

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