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el letrero - sign, notice

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Puede alguien explicar lo que dice el letrero?

Can anyone explain what the sign says?

alt text

  • Please correct my spanish - Vaanz Jul 20, 2010 flag
  • qué or you could you use "lo que" - 0074b507 Jul 20, 2010 flag
  • If your question is serious Vaanz it means that if you enter the property when you shouldn't you will be shot, then if they miss and you survive - you will be shot again. - Kiwi-Girl Jul 20, 2010 flag
  • ...or if you're not mortally wounded from the first shot, they will administer the coup de grace. - 0074b507 Jul 20, 2010 flag
  • quen already corrected - 00494d19 Jul 20, 2010 flag

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¡No sabía que los perros podían leer los letreros!

I didn’t know that dogs could read signs!

alt text

  • It dont mean they take any notice tho. good one mate. - ray76 Jul 20, 2010 flag
  • :-D - chaparrito Jul 20, 2010 flag
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El letrero en la puerta dice "Señores"

The sign on the door said "Gentlemen" grin cool smile

  • I'm not sure that that's the right kind of legend Ray - perhaps you need 'leyenda' :) The legend on a coin for example is the inscription that conveys information about who minted it and for what purpose, as opposed to a myth or legend story. :) - Kiwi-Girl Jul 20, 2010 flag
  • Thank you MC I see it all now , and strangely I understand. - ray76 Jul 20, 2010 flag
  • Mucho mejor,but...."dice" - melipiru Jul 20, 2010 flag
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Los letreros són para leerlos.Those signs are for readingalt text

  • Correct me,please - melipiru Jul 20, 2010 flag
  • Do you mean those things, or those signs??I think it would be SIGNS. - ray76 Jul 20, 2010 flag
  • Gracias caballero - melipiru Jul 20, 2010 flag
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Parece que el pájaro puede entender exactamente lo que significa este letrero.raspberry

It looks like the bird can understand exactly what this sign means.

alt text

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El letrero de la moneda de los Estados Unidos es "En Dios confiamos".

The legend on the money of the United States is "In God We Trust".

alt text

  • Added photo. - 0074b507 Jul 20, 2010 flag
  • Thanks, Q. Great photo. It deserves fireworks. - sanlee Jul 20, 2010 flag
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Mi madre colgó este letrero cerca de mi dormitorio y seguí esperando.

My mother hung this sign near my bedroom and kept on hoping. smile


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Algunas letreras son más descriptivas que otros.

Some signs are more descriptive than others.

alt text

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Hay un letrero de bienvenida en la ventana. Es para todas.

There is a welcome sign in the window. It is for everyone.

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  • Should it be - Hay "es" un letrero de bienvenida en la ventana. Es para todas. Or does it matter? I am new to all this but trying hard to learn!! - tierneylv Jul 20, 2010 flag
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Este letrero lleva un consejo sabio.

This sign bears wise advice.

alt text

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Have a wonderful day! You'll see how somebody will come around and screw it up!

alt text

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alt text

Hay algunos muy chistosos y con muchas faltas!!!!

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I wish I had a neon sign on top of my car for other drivers-- Be nice!

Espero que tuviera un letrero luminoso encima de me coche para los otros conductores -- ¡Sea amable!

alt text

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Hay gente que usan la palabra "pasto" en sus letreros en vez de la palabra "cesped". There are some who use the word "pasto" on their signs instead of the word "cesped".

No Pise el Pasto

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El primer milagro de Jesús fue un letrero de Dios: beba vino.

The first miracle of Jesus was a sign from God: drink wine.

  • Hey dogbert! In this context you would need to use the word 'la señal' for 'sign'. :-) - chaparrito Jul 20, 2010 flag
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