What is the difference between the word buen and bien? When would I use one or the other? I know that they both mean good, well, or fine.

What are some examples?

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Bien = well (used with Estar)

whereas, buen = good (Used with Ser) bueno is the full word meaning good

Buen is the shortened masculine form and is placed before some nouns to mean good

For example: ** él es un buen hombre** = he is a good man (Ser)

Estoy muy bien, gracias = I am very well, thank you (Estar)

In response to your question I had actually asked a smiliar question myself about the positioning of adjectives relative to the nouns they are describing

The question is this:

Why do some adjectives precede the nouns in Spanish sentances while others follow it ?

You are welcome to click on my profile as a means to finding out the answer to your question (in the comments section below) as both Dolores Lin and Gfreed both posted excellent responses and Gfreed gave a link to where you can find the info in the Spanish Dict research section.

  • thank you! but when would you put it behind the noun? - lucas322 Jul 14, 2010


Hi Lucas for examples - you could say 'un libro bueno' a good book, un vino bueno.

  • Jul 14, 2010
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  • surely it should be: un buen libro rather than un libro bueno ??? - FELIZ77 Jul 14, 2010
  • That is something people mess up on a lot. The adjective comes after the noun, so it would be "un libro buen" - GlúteosMayo Apr 28, 2015