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I'm confused about when to use "yo soy" vs. "yo estoy".

  • Posted Jul 14, 2010
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Hello, and welcome to the forum.

"Soy" is the first person present of the verb "ser." "Soy" means "I am."

"Estoy" is the first person present tense of the verb "estar," which also means "I am."

Ser is used to talk about the character, identity, or description of someone or something. For example, "Soy estudiante."

Estar is used to talk about location, emotions, conditions of things, etc. For example, "Estoy en la cocina."

Please take a look at the lesson on Ser vs. Estar because they are very important verbs in Spanish.

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Hi there and welcome to the forum!

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They are used in many different ways. Ser is usually when speaking of inherent qualities/ things of permanence, whereas Estar is more about what is happening now, in the moment. There are many resources on this website that shed light on the issue. Check out some of the links below.

A reference article

A video lesson

Translation of the word ser

Translation of the word estar

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   "Soy" is used to talk about a permanent situation. On the other hand, "estoy" is used for something temporary.  
   For example:  Soy alta = I 'm tall. 
                            Estoy cansada = I 'm tired.
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Echoline posted a nice answer to that on another thread:

At the core of it all, the easiest way to remember the difference of when to use ser and estar is philosophical. It is unfortunate that we don't have this concept in English, as it is a beautiful and useful difference. Ser is used when you are describing the immutable part of you, the intransitory. Estar is for the things in life that come and go, like your location. Ser is your essence....estar comes and goes.

Her complete answer is at [link text][1]

[1]: what is the difference between ser and estar

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Estoy is an I am where it is only going to be temporary, and Soy is an I am where it is going to be more permanet.

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