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Someone posted this on my wall on facebook and i do not know if it is good or bad as i do not speak spanish

  • Posted Jul 13, 2010
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I typed "chula" into the translator here. There are one or two positive connotations, but mostly pretty unkind...probably not a compliment. Click on the link.

  • The negative is "Chulo" (Pimp), which is not the case in this case - JulianChivi Jul 13, 2010 flag
  • Chulo does not mean "pimp." That's absurd. - philloz Oct 17, 2014 flag
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¡Que chula estás mamasita hermosa!

How cute you are, beautiful little mama!

Someone is quite taken with you.

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It's a semi-bad way of saying something like

"Oh, you a fine (Explative) woman."

It's just someone's very questionable way of telling you, that you are good looking. But it seems to have a negative almost "womanizing" connotation to it.

  • That is wrong, It is not a negative comment. - philloz Oct 17, 2014 flag
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The negative is "Chulo" (Pimp), which is not the case in this case

Not doubting you in the least...I had never heard the term before. This is what the translator here has:

noun 1. Woman from the back streets, low-class woman. (f) 2. Loud wench, flashy female; brassy girl (charra). (f) 3. girlfriend. (Ante Meridian & Latin American) (m) noun 1. Punster, jester, merry-andrew. (m & f) 2. An artful, sly, and deceitful person. (m & f) 3. A funny person. (m & f) 4. Butcher’s mate or assistant. (m & f) 5. Bullfighter’s assistant. (m & f) 6. (m & f)

  • Chulo does not mean "pimp." It means good-looking. - philloz Oct 17, 2014 flag
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