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I was reading lyrics of a latin song and saw a word, " pa' ". Is that a slang for "para"? that was my guess... is my guess correct?

dime que si pa' que vea como la vamo' a pasar de maravilla

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It is very common in songs, especially Reggaeton or Puerto Rican songs, I've found. I hardily ever hear the full "para" in Reggaeton. Most of the time, lyrics are not written on lyric sites in proper Spanish (even if the singer pronounces them formally)...

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Not uncommon in casual speech. Note the presence of the single quote (to indicate that something has been omitted [in this case the "ra"]).

  • Correct. Pa' is just a contraction for "para". - Gekkosan Jul 13, 2010 flag
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I'm fairly sure you are right kelly, for certain in Gloria Estefan's Hoy she sings Pa' que este amor crezca más. Meaning Para que.

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I've heard that pa is "the lazy way" to say para. cheese

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Oh, yay now I know this too because I saw " pa' ti" in a song once :D

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