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My friend has two younger siblings-- a 7 year old sister, and a 5 year old brother. I just adore them, and I have been told they love for me to come over as well. I am only 15 years old, what are some appropriate terms for the relation between their age and my age and the fact that they are not blood relatives? By the way, they are Mexican... I would like familiar Mexican terms that they would have heard before, words that they would not confuse for something insulting or misleading...

Thanks smile

  • Posted Jul 13, 2010
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Hi Savvi.

It's really nice that you have the kids to enjoy.

I would call a boy or girl "cariño," which mean my dear, love, sweetie, etc.

Also "mija" for a girl and "mijo" for a boy is a common term of endearment meaning "my daughter" and "my son" but you don't have to be related to use them. It's just a way of saying "honey" etc. by not in a condescending way.

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HI savvie, look at all these threads I compiled in one, I am sure you will find lots of help therewink

Terms of endearment

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I am the godmother to my best friend's little boy and girl and I call them "mi'ja" and "mi'jo" all the time. They don't have any idea what it means (seeing as they're not Spanish and they can barely talk), but they do understand that it's their special nicknames that Aunt Katie gave them.

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Hi! I don't know if this helps, but my grandmother used to call me when I was a child (and still calls me!) "madrecita", literally "little mother", she says because one day I'll be a mommy.

My dad loves little kids and often calls them "chula" or "chulo" Example: "Hola! Que chula! Hermosura!" Kids/babies usually laugh or smile.

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