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I've gotten different answers from the computer generated translation. Anyone with real experience would be greatly appreciated.

  • Posted Jul 8, 2010
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4 Answers

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Frenchman, your first attempt is correct! "Estoy tratando de aprender...¨

You can also say, "Estoy intentando aprender español."

Viva La France!

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I would say "Trato de aprender español."

If I were doing it at the very moment someone asked me, I would say "Estoy tratando de aprender español."

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Please provide your best attempt so that we may make suggestions.

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Pretty close Frenchman... here is what I think it should be:

**Estoy tratando para aprender espanol.**
  • Where did the "para" come from? Where is the "de" after "tratar?" Español has a tilde. - --Mariana-- Jul 8, 2010 flag
  • Nope. This is wrong. - jeezzle Jul 8, 2010 flag
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