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What does the spanish word miho (not sure on spelling either but pronounced me-ho) mean?

  • I don't think that it is slang but a contraction/shortened version of mi hijo/a as the others affirm - FELIZ77 Jul 6, 2010 flag

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mijo = mi + hijo = my son

mija = mi + hija = my daughter

  • í Qué interesante ! Gracias, Me Encantan No sabía sobre este, antes ...estoy .aprendiendo nuevas cosas todo el tiempo - FELIZ77 Jul 6, 2010 flag
  • very helpful. Thank you very much! - markaguynn1 Jul 6, 2010 flag
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Hi Mark. Welcome to the forum.

"Mijo" means "my son" and it's a term of endearment, mostly for parents speaking to children.

It's a combination of "mi" and "hijo." The word "Mija" is the feminine version.

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I don't think it's a slang term, even though I may be wrong. From the dictionary here:

mijo = my child


masculine or feminine noun

  1. love (informal) (a un hijo) (AmBr), honey (United States); dear ; pal , mate (British), buddy (United States) (a un adulto)(entre iguales)
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Everyone else spelling is correct and the literal meaning of Mi hijo is my son, however many Spanish speaking people use it similar to the american "dude"

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Wah, so interesting.

mijo=mi hijo


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