What does "Gordito" mean ? | SpanishDict Answers
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please I've read a letter and i've found


what does it mean ?( i hope that's good word not bad ) rolleyes rolleyes

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Gordito means "little fat one" and it's a term of endearment for Spanish speakers.

  • even i didn't understand well i'mnot english but we can say it for beloved ? because she did this - safiasousou Jul 5, 2010 flag
  • Yes, in Spanish you can use it for someone you love. - --Mariana-- Jul 5, 2010 flag
  • It does not mean "beloved". It can be used as a term of endearment when somebody refers fondly to someone who is a little (or even a lot) overweight. In Spanish it is not necessarily rude to refer to another person's physical attributes.... - Gekkosan Jul 5, 2010 flag
  • ..., such as weight, race and skin color. You need to know how and when to do it, though. - Gekkosan Jul 5, 2010 flag
  • thank you i've understand - safiasousou Jul 6, 2010 flag
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