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Hi guys I have a question that has been on my mind for a long time actually it's a very silly question and I am embarrassed about red face asking it. but I want to know what is the meaning of Waka waka ?

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“Waka Waka (This is Africa)” combines afro-colombian rhythms and instrumentation with the soca (a music genre from Trinidad and Tobago derived from the calypso) and South African guitars. The chorus is based on a chant from Cameroon called “Zangalewa” that, in the past, was sung by soldiers, though it was also used by various youth groups all around Africa, such as the scouts. In fact, because it is so popular, the song is often sung without knowing its meaning. However, here is what the lyrics of the chorus mean in English:


Waka Waka (This is Africa) Chorus (translated to English)


Zamina mina éh éh (Come! Come! eh, eh)

Waka waka éh éh (You’re doing it. You’re doing. eh, eh)

Zamina mina zangalewa (Come! Come! Who has called you?!)

Anawam ah ah (It’s me! Yes it is.)

Zamina mina éh éh (Come! Come! eh, eh)

Waka waka éh éh (You’re doing it. You’re doing. eh, eh)

Zamina mina zangalewa (Come! Come! Who has called you?!)

This is Africa

dJango éh éh (Wait! eh, eh)

dJango éh éh (Wait! eh, eh)

Zamina mina zangalewa (Come! Come! Who has called you?!)

Anawam ah ah (It’s me! Yes it is.)


The song will be performed by Shakira and Freshlyground at the ceremony that is to take place before the final championship game, to be held on July 11th in Johannesburg’s Soccer City Stadium. All the proceeds earned by song will go to the FIFA’s 20 Centers for 2010 charity campaign.


Originally from: http://zachary-jones.com/english/2010/06/17/shakira-lets-dance-the-waka-waka/

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It's just a nonsense word...it has no meaning. Sometimes it is just imitating certain sounds.

Most famously used by Fozzy Bear (a muppet from The Muppet Show) and to imitate the sound that Pac Man (a video game from the 1970s) makes as he moves around the screen.

Here is an article about Fozzy Bear (they spell it wocka wocka, but it's the same thing).

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Take a look

http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=waka waka waka

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Don't ever be embarrassed by questions....they help us all learn!

I don't know what "Waka Waka" means...I've never heard it before. However, I found this on the internet:

"Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)" is a song by Colombian singer Shakira. It features South African band Freshlyground. It is the official song for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, along with its Spanish language version, titled "Waka Waka (Esto es África)".

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That's almost a "What would you like it to mean?" expression.

Are you a Sesame Street fan or are you a Shakira Fan?

And have you ever heard of Pac Man?

It was just a computer generated sound from a game that became a joke tagalong (there's probably a technical name for that) for Ernie. The creators of Sesame probably grew up watching the greats like Charlie Chaplin, Groucho Marx, George Burns and they all had their signature tagalong. Can you not see Groucho's bouncing eyebrows? The cigar being tapped? Charlie's heel click and tipped hat? George's puff of smoke?

If you watch the Letterman show, when Dave gets a laugh at the beginning of the show, he will repeat that punchline throughout the show to remind you that you thought something was funny so this should also get a laugh.

And so Ernie used "waka waka" after his silly jokes because it was associated with a funnier one previously. And the term has stuck around.

Why Shakira used it I can't tell you, but you can imagine the value of including something that many thousands of a generation have a connection to, yes?

But the meaning ... what would you like it to mean!

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  • You probably have me there, Gibbs, I'm a little older than the muppets, I only know the joke:' Why does Ernie say waka waka after his jokes? Because waka waka is funnier than his joke was" - LateToDinner Jul 5, 2010 flag
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I surfed the net and I got these different meanings.

  1. The actual meaning of Waka Waka is blaze, burn brightly, burn well, shine in Swahili.
  2. Waka waka means Do it – as in perform a task.
  3. Waka is pidgin language meaning walk while working
  4. The shrill and digital sound a pacman (or pacwoman) makes as s(he) eats a dot.
  5. Doesn't mean anything


Dont know which one is true.

I think only shakira can tell us the real meaning wink

alt text

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Just for the sake of fairness: This song is not an original Shakira song. As Benz has pointed out, it is originally a traditional Cameroonese song called Zangalewa.

Furthermore, it was already a very popular song in Latin America in the 70's, when it was widely (and in my opinion more interestingly) played by the all-girl Dominican group "Las Chicas del Can".

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Who knew it was anything other than a funny sound? Well, lovely, I guess the "meaning" really depends on context. Where did you see waka waka and how was it used? (LOL, context? for waka waka? who knew?)

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To me waka waka is old american vaudeville. I believe Fozzie from the Muppets is based on this because he cracks a dumb joke and then says waka waka. That is classic Vaudeville.

Also, a dork of a comedian might say waka waka when a beautiful girl walks by on stage like an old Johnny Carson skit or Abott and Costello movie.

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It's what Fozzie Bear and Ralph Malph used to say all the time. (I still got it...wakka wakka) It means "Badda bing badda boom".

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The first thing I thought of was the Muppet character Fozzy Bear! It could probably be put in the same category as "Nanoo Nanoo" from the tv show from the late 70's Mork and Mindy. It's just totally nonsensical.

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hi gulp smirk cheese tongue rolleye tongue wink red face raspberry blank stare

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Waka waka means Do it – as in perform a task. Waka is pidgin language meaning walk while working. Zaminamina zangalewa means who asked you to come?. Wana means it is mine. Zambo means wait. Anawam means I did/ Yes I so…

zaminamina zangalewa anawam aa

Who called you/ asked you to come? Yes, I did. Zamina mina (Zangalewa) Zangalewa of Cameroon “Zamina” or “Zangaléwa” is a 1986 hit song, originally sung by a makossa group from Cameroon called Golden Sounds who were beloved throughout the continent for their silly dances and costumes. The song was such a hit for Golden Sounds that they eventually changed their name to Zangaléwa, too.The song pays tribute to African skirmishers (a.k.a tirailleurs) during WW2. Most of the band members were in the Cameroonian Army themselves and used make up, fake belly and fake butt for comic relief. The song is still used today by soldiers, policemen, boy scouts, sportsmen and their supporters, usually during training or for rallying. The men in the group often dressed in military uniforms, wearing pith helmets and stuffing their clothes with pillows to appear like they had a swollen butts from riding the train and fat stomachs from eating too much. The song, music historians say, is a criticism of black military officers who were in league with whites to oppress their own people. Or at least, some of it was. Some of it, as far was we can surmise, is gibberish............ grin

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It doesn't really mean anything. However, it is a song by Shakira . Fifa World Cup ! LOL

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