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Create a sentence in Spanish (with the English translation) using a synonym or antonym for today's word quitar.

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Quito mis gafas antes de acostarme.

I remove my glasses before going to bed.

Llevo mis gafas después de despertarme.

I wear my glasses after waking up.

Synonyms for quitar: retirar, sacar

Antonyms for quitar: llevar, poner

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I doubt that glasses is an article of clothing. However, if you assume that glasses is part of clothing, the sentences will be:

Me quito las gafas antes de acostarme.

Me llevo las gafas después de despertarme.

Translations for the above sentences are the same as the original ones.

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antónimo: dar

Te voy a dar mi corazón

y sin reservas

pero me tienes que jurar

que lo conservas...(Letra de Javier Solís)

I will give you my heart

even without reserves

but you have to promise me

that you will preserve it...( Lyrics by Javier Solís)

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Sinónimo = devolver

Tuve una de mis mensajes de correo electrónico devuelto a mí como undeliverables debido a un error del sistema de correo.

I had one of my emails returned to me as undeliverables because of mail system error.

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antónimo - put (place)

Pon tus cosas allí y quedarse un rato.

Put your things over there and stay awhile.

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¡Quita de ahi!>

Get away from here!

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