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What does it mean?Felicidades por tu santo? El día de tu santo? I understand word by word but can't get the meaning. This is a phrase a son tells his mother when sees her in the morning.

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Happy Saint day!! It is a catholic even cultural tradition. Every day of the year is dedicated to a Saint so to know your Saint day you just have to look it up in a catholic calendar, and the day that say your name that's your Saint Day. Not everybody celebrates their Saint Day due that is a Catholic tradition.

  • Correct. A lot of people are named after the Sain of their birthday, but many do not. Those who don't sometimes celebrate their birthday and their "santo". - Gekkosan Jun 25, 2010 flag
  • aah. so it is Saint Day in English too? I am not a native so have never heard this. I would have call that Name day. Now it makes sense to me. thanks! - swing Jun 25, 2010 flag
  • called* - swing Jun 25, 2010 flag
  • I imagine that at least some Catholics in English speaking countries celebrate their Santo, althought I never heard of the custome being used or celebrated in all the time I lived either in England on in the USA... - Gekkosan Jun 25, 2010 flag
  • This tradition was brought to different hispanics countries from Spain centuries ago and yes some people is named after the saint of their birthday so they celebrae both the same day others celebrate in different days. - aidalizso Jun 25, 2010 flag
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