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In English, when you want to ask someone's opinion you would ask.....

what do you think?

But in Spanish, do you say the following....

¿Qué tu piensas?


¿Qué te parece?

Are both right or are both wrong? What is the correct way to say "What Do You Think?"

in Spanish?

Thank You for to all for your help.

  • Posted Jun 25, 2010
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4 Answers

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¿Qué opinas?

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¿Qué te parece? and ¿Qué opinas? both work. So does ¿Qué crees?

¿Qué piensas? is more like What are you thinking about?

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Also, it is good to remember Usted, when appropriate. ¿Qué cree Usted? ¿Qué opina Ud.? ¿Qué piense Ud.?
When in doubt, use Usted.

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¿Qué tu piensas?

This doesn't sound quite right, it's better if you just say '¿qué piensas?' If you needed to use the 'tu' for emphasis in a case for example if you had asked one friend what he thinks and then turn to another one and ask him you could then say '¿que piensas tú?' or even 'y tú, ¿qué piensas?'

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