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How does one say "I got robbed" or "I was robbed" in spanish? My dictionary says the word is robar, but I was thinking about how in english it is correct to use the verb "to rob" and say "I got robbed" but it is incorrect to use the verb "to steal" and say "I got stolen" (if you are talking about your things being taken). So I don't want to say "fui robado" if that doesn't make sense in spanish like "I was stolen" wouldn't make sense in english. I realize they are different verbs, so I guess this is more of a question to confirm.

Yes, unfortunately, I have a real need to use these terms - I'm not liking Lima, Peru.

  • Posted Jun 24, 2010
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"Me robaron" would be the most common way to say it.

Luke this is terrible. Were you alone? Were you hurt?

  • I say it like that too! - AntMexico Jun 24, 2010 flag
  • No, I am fine, just lost my stuff. It was scary while it happened but sadly a fact of life in many of the poorer areas of LA. Thanks for the concern though. - luke77 Jun 25, 2010 flag
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The difference between theft (having things stolen) and robbery (stolen by force or intimidation) varies from place to place (legal definitions). That why we have so many terms for different contexts: shoplifting, burglary, mugging, theft, robbery, armed robbery, fraud, extortion, embezzlement, grand theft auto, piracy, hijacking, car jacking, etc.


  • To threaten or assault (a person) with the intent to rob: arrested the thief who mugged the tourists.


  • Law To take property from (a person) illegally by using or threatening to use violence or force; commit robbery upon.

So if someone picks your pocket or snatches your purse, theft has occurred, but you were neither mugged nor robbed (no force involved). If they pushed a woman to the ground as they snatched her purse then they could charge robbery as force (assault/battery) was used.

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Me atracó un tipo! Some guy robbed me!

Me atracaron un grupo! A group of people robbed me!

Me ha atracado otra vez! I have been robbed again!

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I would say, "Alguien me ha robado [algo]."

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Hi, a quick follow up after thinking about things. In english "me robaron" translates litterally as "they robbed me". Is it still correct to say thi in place of "I was robbed"? For instance, in response to "What happened?" the correct thing to say in english is "I was robbed". If you answered with "They robbed me" your point would be understood but it would sound slightly weird. In spanish, does the response "Me robaron" in response to the question "Que paso?" make more sense?

Thanks again.

  • Yes, it's used to mean "I was robbed". It doesn't refer to any specific "they", nor does it indicate that it was a group of people. It's just a turn of phrase. I'm glad you're OK. - mountaingirl Jun 25, 2010 flag
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