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Does rico suave mean something bad?

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This is from the Urban Dictionary. I had to look it up because in the U.S., Rico Suave is usually a way of teasing a ladies' man. "Oh, you think you're a real Rico Suave, don't you."

Well this is the unofficial definitionwink :

Rico Suave is basically a man who is for all intended purposes the following: Good Looking, muscular, "macho"-being totally cool toward everyone and everything, very clean and neat in appearance, a man who is 100% man: almost every lady is attracted to him because of his great charismatic ability, and when need be, he can be a real bad guy to mess with. Rico Suave is more of a definitive personality type, go to the beach in the summer and you will see several who fit the above, in addition to wearing sunglasses and jewelry, he is a ladies man, enjoying fast cars, hot woman, and good at hustling people in pool. Rico Suave is what every man wants to be, but 99.7% of men never live up to. "Man, that guy has it going on, he's a real Rico Suave"....

  • buena investigacion, Nicole! - mountaingirl Jun 23, 2010 flag
  • Darn, I'd like to date him and I'm not gay! - 0074b507 Jun 23, 2010 flag
  • I was compelled to look it up because I have called my son "Rico Suave" on occasion. I wanted to make sure I wasn't saying something improper. jeje - Nicole-B Jun 23, 2010 flag
  • I am now considering changing my name here to Rikko Swabe. :) - Rikko Jun 24, 2010 flag
  • jejejeje - Nicole-B Jun 24, 2010 flag
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Es dificil saber sin contexto, pero, problamente someone who is a smooth rich person. In Mexico sauve means smooth rich person all by its self. It's not uncommon to call someone who is well to do and has a good presence sauve in the U.S.. buen suerte y vaya con dios ptl

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That could be some vocabulary when making love! But is not bad.

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