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Create a sentence in Spanish (with the English translation) using a synonym or antonym for today's word luchar.

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A veces lucho con el sueño por la noche, generalmente se llama insomnio.

Sometimes I struggle with sleeping at night, usually called insomnia.

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  • I have the same problem. It can be extremely frustrating. :( - Nicole-B Jun 22, 2010 flag
  • I can't turn off my brain at night, I keep thinking of all the stuff I forgot to do or have to do tomorrow!! - amykay Jun 22, 2010 flag
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Antónimo = Amistad

Although life is a constant struggle, we have been given the gifts of friendship and family.

Aunque la vida es una lucha constante, nos ha dado los regalos de la amistad y la familia.

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Antonym - conciliar

A veces es díficil que vayan a conciliar los niños cuando quieren el mismo juguete.

At times it is unlikely that the children are going to reconcile when they both want the same toy. angry

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Si Floyd Mayweather Jr. quiere ser el numero uno libra por libra peleador del mundo otra vez, tiene que pelear y derrotar Manny Pacquiao.

If Floyd Mayweather Jr. wants to become the number 1 pound for pound fighter in the world again, he has to fight and defeat Manny Pacquiao.

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Antónimo fight - accept

Como humanos debemos aceptar el hecho de que vamos a cometer errores y tener remordimientos.

As humans we must accept the fact that we will make mistakes and have regrets.

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